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Legal Services Offered By Attorneys Mediation Services LLC

While the goal of most types of legal mediation is to help conflicting parties reach a “win-win” settlement without the expense or adversarial nature of the court system, not all types of mediation services operate in the same manner. Whether you’re seeking to find a mediation neutral, a private judge or an arbitrator, Attorneys Mediation Services LLC has the legal staff with the proper credentials and experience. We are based in Canton and provide mediation services throughout the state of Ohio.

Mediation work is our firm’s sole focus. Our firm is committed to treating all parties involved in our mediation work with dignity and worth. Each party brings value to the negotiating table. Our work when acting as mediators is to find that value, help the parties understand how their dispute arose, and to guide the situation to a satisfactory solution.

Well-Versed In The Spectrum Of Mediation Methods

Our firm’s attorneys have experience in a variety of mediation methods and settings. Some of the common case types we work with include:

Alternative dispute resolution – This phrase, also known by its acronym, ADR, is an umbrella term for any type of mediation or arbitration setting that uses a neutral third party to facilitate the resolution of a dispute outside of a court setting.

Mediation – Mediation is an informal process in Ohio until an agreement is reached, although Ohio law governs the steps involved in mediated settlements. Most private mediation resolutions do not become part of the public record. Our firm’s attorneys frequently act as neutrals in mediation.

Arbitration – In arbitration, conflicting parties agree to settle their differences by presenting their cases to an arbitrator, who serves the role of judge, although arbitration sessions are held outside of a courtroom. Each party presents evidence, but the rules and procedures of arbitration are far more informal compared to a dispute litigated in court. If a conflict is resolved through binding arbitration, the arbitrator’s ruling in the case must be accepted by both parties, whether or not they agree with it.

Private judging – If parties involved in a conflict hire a private judge, that neutral party will hear evidence and run the session much like a regular courtroom trial. However, while this ADR process does not move through the court system, a party that does not agree with the private judge’s ruling may appeal the verdict in a public court.

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The attorneys of our firm, collectively, have mediated more than 8,000 cases. To learn how we may be of service to you, call 330-968-1369 or email us to request a free case consultation.