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How The Mediation Process Works

In Ohio (and most other states), mediation is an informal, confidential, nonbinding process (unless a settlement is reached). In the event of a resolution, a mediation report is generated, and the report serves as a binding agreement. The decision to mediate can occur prior or subsequent to the filing of a legal action. The parties can agree to the mediation, or a judge may order the parties to submit the matter to mediation. Certain states have statutory provisions regarding mediation.

Steps In The Mediation Process

In Ohio, mediation is governed by The Ohio Uniform Mediation Act, contained at §2710.01, et seq. of the Ohio Revised Code. Any attorney considering mediation should have a basic understanding of the act.

The following summarizes the steps followed to facilitate the process.

  1. The parties and/or their legal representatives agree to submit the matter to mediation, before a mediator of their choosing.
  2. The parties and/or their legal representatives contact the individual chosen to mediate the case, with a request to initiate the process.
  3. The office of the mediator co-ordinates, schedules, and after the selection of a date, time and place, the office of the mediator circulates a letter confirming the session and setting forth certain requirements and guidelines. A sample letter is attached.
  4. If resolution is reached, the mediator will have the parties and their legal representatives sign a mediation report setting forth the basic understanding. In most private mediations, the report does not become a matter of public record. In court-ordered mediations, depending on the jurisdiction, the report may be filed on the docket, unless the settlement is confidential.

Our Firm’s Fee Schedule

The fees charged for mediation depend on the number of parties to the case. Fees are charged on the following basis if you decide to work with our firm:

  • 2 parties = $225 per hour per party
  • 3 or more parties = $200 per hour per party
  • Travel time up to 1.5 hours each way is billed at the above listed rate.
  • Any travel time exceeding 1.5 hours each way is billed at 50% of the above listed rate.

Hire Mediation Professionals To Deal With Difficult Disputes

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